Thursday, 19 February 2009

hello i have a new bag.

i actually love holidays. with intensity. i haven't slept for 56 hours and i dont even care. i'm having so much fun, and i just can't get over it. today i came back from my friend akers house. (we spent the whole time wathcing movies, and reading and talking and it was so lush. i felt kinda like she was my sister cos we just bummed around doing the wierdest things, (not sexually, sorry :P ) and seriously just didnt get out of her bed for like, a day. ( i'm really not doing any justice to the whole this-sounds-like-a-sex-gathering idea) am i?

yesterday we went into town and watched 'hes just not that into you,' which was wierd but goood. i went straight into town that day from ANOTHER sleepover, where i had a few friends over, (one who got insanely drunk and it was so lol,) and that day i had also gone into town aswell. got some lush new purchases. especially THIS:

absoloute yum.

Monday, 16 February 2009

virtual pancake session yo.

and this, is my weekendddz.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

weetabix and some gregggggggg.

i accidently left my music on all night+day, and greg holden's 'alright sir' was on repeat so it has now been played 427 times. surprisingly not my most played song though. that record still stays with busted's britney; 503 times. that's love.

in other news, i've just eaten 4 bowls of cereal, (those nice weetabix mini's with the choc in!) and i'm still stupid hungry for more. gonna get killed by mum but its so worth it.

Friday, 6 February 2009


today. i. had. injections. ouch.

Monday, 2 February 2009


i thought today deserved a special post because, ITS FUCKING SNOWING!
and not just that shitty little snow we usually get. this is a proper, hardcore snow attack.
like the whole country is at home playing with it, and half the airports are closed, and today just really makes me so happy.

and thats all for now. (:

Sunday, 1 February 2009


wow i havent written for so long.
i haven't even been doing anythign remotely excting either which is upsetting.
today i woke up at 2pm, had the biggest and nicest breakfast ever and i felt like i was in a hotel, and then. i tidied the house for 5 hours. yes, i'm that sad.
and now, its so clean i dont want to touch anything, but i really, really, really! need to do my art. so bad. infact, i think i will do it after i finish writing this.
i'm in such a mood to just get everything done. :)
theres so much i jsut want to do right now though.
i havent spoken to anyone in person for like 2 days, which makes me feel stupidly alone, and i keep going on websites and favourite-ing all the clothes and amazing stuff i want. plus i want to see SO many movies its insane.
that case of benjamin button one which sounds either love/hate it, confessions of a shopaholic, he's just not that into you, nick and norahs infinate playlist, role models. ahh so much time, money and popcornnnn.