Sunday, 29 March 2009

hello i'm my dad
i just watched this and now i have an urge to blog. god, there are so many thoughts running through my head right now. this reminds me of like, a good book, or film or program. where you jsut get so into it, and get all philosphical and stuff.
i dont know, i cant really explain it. you either get it, or you dont.
the video just tells you all this stuff, and each fact makes you seriously go :O
some of them are actually just insane. theressss this super computer one. where predictions are that in the year 2049 theres gonna be a computer costing just $1000 that will exceed the computional capabilities of the entire human species. ahaha man i sound liek such a gay but i love this kind of stuff.

on another note, i never did any of that work, and now i have like 4 hours to do it all, and i really just. effort. i had a gr8 night last nightttt and overall, i love right now.

Friday, 27 March 2009

bring me easter!

i've been in 'novel riting mood' all afternoon. yeah, novel writing mood. it only ever happens when you have fuck loads of coursework due y'knowww.
but anyway, my plan was to do it all tonight, but obvs that didnt happen, cos its me, and i never do things like that. so i am stuck with packing it into tomorows schedule, which includes: returning clothes, buying cloths, meeting friends, dressing up, partying, socialising and sleeping. so no time for it tomorrow, so sunday it is to do all my art cwk, and 1 and a half essays!
bring it bitches. i can so do this.

no more excuses, lets just do this.

so many photos to upload its killing me inside a little.
not sure how to do this.
alrighttttt, imma post a linkkkk, cos then you get to see everything and its as little effort as possible.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009


i feel like a proper little online shopper. i really am the image of the future.
i've spent the hole afternoon infront o this screen (no change there) and i've been shopping like crazy. got so much new stufffff. half of which i will never, ever neeed.but what the hell. live for now and not for laterrrr ayeeee?

ooh yesss. im getting slightly addicted with saying 'aye' after everything. i really should stop cos its really unatractive and makes me sound like a scottish farmer, but i really just can't help myself. if i even say it IRL i might have to go cut myself. (joken, i would never, im just describing the depth of its gaynesss.)

so today was wickeddd. tomozzz i have a crazy bad day, but fri is a goodun and i have plans for after so thattt should keep me going.
i also kep having the urge to say 'a watched pot never boils' to myself as i have noticed i spend half the day @ school staring @ the clokkk.
^ nice spelling of 'clock' there. hey clok.

Monday, 23 March 2009

## art!



Sunday, 22 March 2009


i wanted this top in the 'Mm' or the 'Kk' or the 'Zz' and i would have even settled on the 'Gg' but stupid American Apparel are out of stock on all of them. the last 'S' size they have left, and 'S' on unisex is already treading on thin ice is the Aa which, i guess i can put up with but its just, well. not what i wanted.
there is actually so much stuff i want right now. i made a lil wishlist but its in a scrapbook, so i'll try get it on here, but you know. no promisessss.
i kinda feel like i deserve something nice tho, as i've spent the whole weekend just cleaning, and injuring myselfff (: i have like, a half-nailed toe, and a small hole where i feel onto a fridge shelf!) im cool.
anywayyyy, i stilll need to do my german+art+go have a shower and get credit and i was gonna tidy my room, but its just really not gonna happen is ittt? no.

Saturday, 21 March 2009

oh embarassing top shrinkage.

this was yesterday. and i still haven't got over it.

Friday, 20 March 2009

oasis still and fruity

hiii! so im way more cheered up than i was yesterday. i've just come back from an intense afternoon in town with ma bez and it was all just really luscious, and the way i love things being. i wont ramble cos nothing i say will mean much to you, but i just wanttt to say, that i love being back in this mood again.
but now its heads down for the weekend for hardcore work+sleep so when monday comes, i can continue thisss (wanting to say 'paradise' but its oh so cheesy) forever! XD

effort to load up todays picsss, so instead you can have a golden-oldie. (oh god, you can tell its late. ;D)

wheeey! its the classic cookie photo that got plastered just about everywhereeeee. always a fave tho!

Thursday, 19 March 2009


noooo! are you freaking kidding me that yesterdays post didnt upload! gah that just makes me even more angry. it was seriously my cutest post yet, full on love-sesh and dedication to my best friend and the only person taht actualyl reads these blogssss. (letss not name names now ;D )
gutted man.
i am also having just such a bad day.
i feel upset and miserable and annoyed, and i dont even know why. so when people ask me, i jsut have to do that annoying thing where i shrug it off, and everythings really getting to me. i have no credit, all my friends aer off ill, everyones off for the weekend and im stuck doing homework, and im really just. GAHFAJACK at this whole week. i wanna be thankful for everything i've got as i know my life is so good now, but i jsut cant seem to get my head around how lucky i am, and i just sit here all miserable all day.
soz for the rant.
i'll be back to normal soon, i hope.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

whats up with my mind? lets not let this all unwind,

fuckkgfng. i couldnt remember if i wrote here yesterday, cos i had that thing, where you dream something, and then you don't know if its real or not? and yeah, it turns out it was a dream and i didnt write so im gutted.

i felt all wierd today. im not sure why i just really wanted to come home and get away from school. freaked me out, cos right now, i actually LOVE school. however gay it might sound. but today, i just wanted to run home and get away from it all. :/

oh, and i'm seriously on my 4th cup of tea right now. my throat is all hot and i can feel it all running down into my tummy too. but i actually CANT stop myself. i forgot how nice this stuff was.
i also got this actually HUGE parcel in the post today, which i was insane excited about, and then i opened it, and its 3 like, 1x1 metre bags that i bought off ebay like, a month ago that never came ^^
im still buzzingg tho. whether thats excitement or teaaaa, i do not knoww.

you guys are my best friends(: xxx

Sunday, 15 March 2009

all i need is, a little more you

everyone always thinks sundays are so depressing, but i really really do like them.
the fact that its the 'last day' in so many minds makes me do all the things i have wanted/needed to do all week. plus, noone ever goes out anywhere proper on sundays, so i can laze around without feeling like a no-friended gay. oh,
plan for today:
-go to sleep for a few more hours
-do ALL my art. every last speccccc
-tidy my room

this will hopefully be pretty easy as i have run out of contacts so i can barely see a thing unless i wear my ugly glasses.
i'm housebound, which for me, will always mean bed-bound.

Saturday, 14 March 2009

welcome back!

sorry i havent updated this in forever. i am alive, i'm just abit overwhelmed by the world. things are amazing right now. we're on 4-day-break which means lots of sleep+doing what i want all day. it also means photo overload!