Thursday, 29 October 2009

go crazy for dem mazes!

so theres this theme park called thorpe park(google it haha) and every year around -halloween time they keep the park open late and run this thing called fright night which just basically means decorating the rides with skeletons and fake blood, and all the workers walk round in freakyyyy costumes and like, generally be real scary
they also set up mazes in like, the pitch black and get the workers to hide in it and come stroke your face and grab onto your legs and stuff and its actually so scary, no joke!
well yehh anyway did that tonight and stayed at the park from 10 till 10 so i am shattered to the maxxxx right now and dont really know why im on here ahah:P
can you guess what it says?:P
oh yehh and while we were queing for the saw ride (woooo lol) someone ripped open this huge cuddly toy and all the tiny polystyrene balls went everywhere so we decided to have a (fake) snow fight:)))

Friday, 16 October 2009

too much to write!

eventful past few days! went to westfield and spent like a gazillion pounds on new clothes which was insanee and actually soso fun so now i just need some exciting places to wear them;D

was supposed to hang out and have chinese food with friends tonight but i had my hpv jab thing today and its actually making me soso tired! got some starbucks and mags and just came home and lazed around instead. ooh, SUCH good shows on atm. new series of gossip girl, peep show, x factor! woww im addicted haha/

firstly gossip girl! OMG INSANE! everyone is so different this year which is wierd but still, oh so amazing. blair is as watchable as ever, this time perfectly matched with bad-boy chuck, who btw, fittest series of him yet? i think soo. lots of topless nate, and the ever eventful georgina has returnedd, plus omg! that final scene of her and dan? AMAZING

not liking serena this year though? i spy bitch. and i wanna see jenny again with long hair!:))

ok soz rambling lolll oops.

pic above is soem of the stuff i bought at westfield that i could find online. most of it is topshop, but the bottom three are hollister and new look:)) sorry its so small, its being retarded and i cant get it to show up large:P

Saturday, 10 October 2009

flying hearts

listen to the love around you. your ears are open even if your mind is closed.

Saturday, 3 October 2009


HAPPY OCTOBER! this photo reminds me of summer so bad and eventhough everythings great right now im starting to really miss it.
woke up so early this morn and i really dont know whats wrong with me so im gonna go get ready then walk into town:))