Saturday, 27 February 2010

jan faves

welcome spring in fresh, feminine and overly pretty patterns this month, complete with some amazing, upper-class accessories..


Friday, 19 February 2010


okay so its pretty obvious im an internet addict by now, and so i decided to put together a little list of my favourite, less well-known sites for anyone that wants to check them out:) : - anything 80's inspired is stocked here, from crazy blazers to those cute jock jackets. it's all oh so retro, real vintage and although some of it is more grandad than glam, its defo worth a look. - seriously incredible pieces, in effortless yet unique styles. long, studded scarf anyone? how about an ahh-mazing peace tank? or maybe a nude, lace slip-dress a la blair waldorf? okay, so its not the most affordable line ever, but in my eyes, definately one of the best. - showcasing some of probably, the cutest jewellery i have ever seen, nordstrom is fast becoming popular with top celeb beauties including lindsay lohan, rihanna and miranda cosgrove (yes, that girl off icarly haha!). infact, even fergie is set to launch a new footwear collection there!

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

right now:
- my skin is so dry. damn you, winter
- orange keep adding stupid stuff to my phone bill and i need to call them up but im too scared hha
- i got into college:)
- i should be doing an essay right now. so far i've writtent the title
- i definately need to stop eating so much crap
- its my birthday in a week:D
that its for now guys, byeeeeeee

Sunday, 14 February 2010

< 3

breaking into the heart tights! sorry about the really bad photo but i just really cba to take another:))
oh and, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY GUYS ! i saw the movie tonight aswell, and omgosh it was insane! i am defo getting it on dvd, because then i wont have to deal with retarded 12 year olds kicking at my chair througout the film, grrrr hha
and anyone that knows me irl will know that i hate practically every film ending but this one, i actually really loved! everything was just exposed and i left the cinema feeling totally happy it was greaaaaaaaaat hha