Tuesday, 31 August 2010

bikini blues

why this bikini amazes me so much i dont know. simple? yes. innovative? no. amazing? to the maxxxx

Wednesday, 25 August 2010


hey i'm back! went to cornwall which was good, eventhough it rained for like 3/4 of the trip :( and then i came home and got my results! at first i was like, maybe its abit rude to post my results on here, but then everyone on facebook was doing it, and i realised how much i love noseying around and seeing what everyone else got, so yeah, i decide to post them:) i got 2 A*s in media and eng lit, 8 A's in art (yesss, all my all-nighters staying up to finish my sketchbook paid off:P), both sciences, eng lang, geog, german, maths + re, and then a B in ict! i was so positive i would rip open the envelope to find 11 D's, so was actually gasping for air when it actually turned out good:) how did you guys all do? :)
also ive defo got hayfever, i sneeze like 40 times a day. not even exagerrating.


Monday, 9 August 2010

nasty nuggets

so sorry i've been gone so long! summer has just been, well, summer ha ha, but i'm back now (for a week) with some super beauties to share with you, yay! eg - THESE from nastygal.com. defo my fave fashion hotspot :)
not sure whether i could pull off those peach,high-waisted shorts or the sheer raglan thing, but i would grab it all in an instant if i had a money tree:P