Wednesday, 31 March 2010

rivalling itunes

reasons why im not doing any work right now:

- i am tired beyond belief
- facebook is the worlds biggest distraction
- my 'work-snacks' dont appear to be stopping anytime soon, and typing takes up two hands
- itunes is leading me astray.

finding the perfect work-playlist is very almost impossible. my mood is switched every 3 mins in parallel with the next song, and favourites like this: are really bringing me down.
i'm so tempted to create a collection of motivating tunes right now, but it will probs end up very similar to my 'exercise playlist' where i spent more time choosing good songs, than i ever did exercising.


Sunday, 28 March 2010


sooo a week ago, (yep this is a tad late) me and my friends went down to london for a picnic, but we ended up eating on the tube in the end bcos the weather was so crappy!:( heres some pics from the day (hopefully you can click them to enlarge) :)

anyways, since then its been a week of major stress (german orals ahh!) until this weekend when i could finally relax and went and saw the bounty hunter + shutter island (which everyone thinks is crap and confusing but i thought it was aaaaa-mazing!) ok byeeee

Thursday, 18 March 2010

h&m spend

so a new h&m just opened in town today, so after school i went in to check it out. now this thing is major huge! we all knew it was gonna be big because it took the place of an m&s, but walking around it, just feels like narnia; its never-ending! i still had a giftcard left over from christmas/my bday for £30 (totally thought it was £20 and was like screaming when i discovered it was actually ten pounds more) and ended up spending like 45 quidos there, ooppsies haha. so much for a quick browse after school. ohwell whatever, i got some essentials. for example, this do-i-like-it/do-i-not grecian dress thingy.

possibly gonna wear that for my bday picnic on sat, but not sure what with? leather jacket would look quite good, butttt i dont wanna cover the embellishment because i just look like mary (jesus' mum hahah) IDEAS?

Monday, 15 March 2010

a runny nose and frozen toes

gotta try keep my head down till saturday. exams are taking over my life