Friday, 31 July 2009

mad about madden

omgggg how nice are these glads? answer: very, very, verrrry nice! looking for a new pair to wear this summer as mine are getting old, and saw these yesterday! they are $49.95 which is what like, £30? £35? bargainnnn. but shipping over here is another $39.95! /sadface. how come shenae grimes gets them and i dontttt?

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

dead meat


im actually shattered right now! party last night was insane! i got 2 hours sleep then went to a different party today and so now its 8 o'clock and im almost dead! i'll put the pics up tomozza cos theres like 98597 of them no joke and its just efforttttt! ahh my brain is so messed up. im gonna bed it now before i actually collapsee

Tuesday, 28 July 2009


blogger is being retarded so i cant upload photos from yesterdaaay, gah.
and does anyone know if they broadcast 'its on with alexa chung' in england? im totally in love with that show but i feel like some poverty kid without a tv cos i have to watch it all on youtube. which usually means randomers holding their camera up to their tv to film the show. so not exactly the best view of my life.
oooh, and ive got my summer wishlist! actual gimmeeeee

gladiators: £28 miss selfridge, floral sunglasses: £15 topshop, military locket: £9 [SALE!] urban outfitters, floral bag: £25 topshop, sequin zig-zag crop: £13 [SALE!] urban outfitters, totally legit merlin pass: £86, floral playsuit: [TOTALLY SOLD OUTTTT!] ex-dorothy perkinsss booooo!


Sunday, 26 July 2009


NEW TOPSHOP COLLECTION! this designer called emma cook has a seven-piece collection on there, which is all like, animal orientated and totally luscious! i want it alllll ♥♥
alsoo, i was looking around online at her other collections, and how much does the dress in the middle, made by her a few seasons ago, remind you of the dress emma watson wore for the HBP premiere? yeah omg so muchh

ALSO! ooopsss sorry guys, i forgot to tell you. i went on holiday! hha
i went to wales with my fam which was actually surprisingly goood :D one of the days we went and bought 600 waterbombs and filled them all up for a fight on the beach, but then we ended up just chucking them out our bedroom window and we hit this one guy and he came and knocked on our front door and we had to go apologize (apologise?)
also we had some really dodgy food and we all got like, minor food poisioning so one day i was just like, chucking up everywhereee. even off the side of the boat : i felt like such a pikey its unreal
but apart from that, it was awesome:}}}

Monday, 13 July 2009

blah de blah

blaaaaaaaaaaaaah de blah
i feel kinda sick and defo ate too much ice cream
this week is a total draaag at school. totally pointless, why are we even there?
summer makes me all tingly i am so fricken excited omg

Saturday, 11 July 2009


such a long night. goodnight beautiful virtual life + getting better reality. sweet dreams xoxo

Thursday, 9 July 2009


the tube line i use for work was down so i had to take some whopper detour around the city and the lid on my water like, flipped up and when i opened my bag there was an actual pond in there and my ipod floating on the top.

oh and today. i left the tap running upstairs by accident and when i got home it was all dripping through the ceiling :

overallllll. not a good day waterwise lols

Monday, 6 July 2009

city sleek

johnny depp top came wooo! and this week(?) has been awesome. work experience wheey! im at some financial advisors firm which is wicked fun and i have so much free time! after work i just end up getting the tube to random places and cos im all on my own i just go explore places ive never even been to before/even heard of. the work is alright too haha,