Wednesday, 29 July 2009

dead meat


im actually shattered right now! party last night was insane! i got 2 hours sleep then went to a different party today and so now its 8 o'clock and im almost dead! i'll put the pics up tomozza cos theres like 98597 of them no joke and its just efforttttt! ahh my brain is so messed up. im gonna bed it now before i actually collapsee


  1. Your hair color is kind of exactly the hair color I want but I never manage to get it :( I love it!

  2. I've soooo done that before, except the Thursday night I stayed up til 3am doing a piece of coursework (WHOOPS!), then Friday night I partayeddddddd and got no sleep, and then Saturday I had another party in the day which was meant to end at 4pm but they forgot to tell me that we were going out for a meal and it instead ended at 11pm! I was totally dead

    your hair looks really nice here :)