Sunday, 26 July 2009


NEW TOPSHOP COLLECTION! this designer called emma cook has a seven-piece collection on there, which is all like, animal orientated and totally luscious! i want it alllll ♥♥
alsoo, i was looking around online at her other collections, and how much does the dress in the middle, made by her a few seasons ago, remind you of the dress emma watson wore for the HBP premiere? yeah omg so muchh

ALSO! ooopsss sorry guys, i forgot to tell you. i went on holiday! hha
i went to wales with my fam which was actually surprisingly goood :D one of the days we went and bought 600 waterbombs and filled them all up for a fight on the beach, but then we ended up just chucking them out our bedroom window and we hit this one guy and he came and knocked on our front door and we had to go apologize (apologise?)
also we had some really dodgy food and we all got like, minor food poisioning so one day i was just like, chucking up everywhereee. even off the side of the boat : i felt like such a pikey its unreal
but apart from that, it was awesome:}}}


  1. hi molly, yes that dress on emma watson is gorgeous. topshop is an amazing shop isn't it? i want it all too!
    love your blog too. yay!

  2. LOVE the dress, Emma and your holiday sounds amazing!

  3. I love that dress on Emma Watson! It's gorgeous!