Tuesday, 27 July 2010

more money moans, yay!

i'm peniless with a craving to shop right now and so tomorrow (or sometime this week, at least) i might give in and go job hunting. summer this year has just been so, well, amazing, but i'm so much in debt to my 12-year-old sister right now (how is it fair that she has so much money?) i think its finally time i went to try and find an income. had a picnic today, woo! it was really cosy+cute and the ultimate epitome of how summer should be! i'll add pics when they get put on fb. (i seriously need a new camera.) how are all you guys' summers going?:))

Sunday, 11 July 2010

daylight hours

in the 'silver' hummer (which turned out to be hot pink!) shoes in good view ahaa
me and my mature friends ..

so this is what i wore to prom 2 nights ago! sorry about the limited pics, theres basically like 100 identical pictures taken in the space of 5 minutes, and then like nothing for the rest of the night![click pics to enlarge btw] my dress was pretty average but my shoes were on a whole new level of amazing! (modest, i know :P)


Thursday, 8 July 2010

fashion faves!

- high street store: topshop, obvs.
- designer: alexander wang!
- model: hmm, i'm not really a big 'model' girl, but i do like the obvious' such as sasha pivovarova + gemma ward:) and also miranda kerr but only because she's engaged to orlando bloom hahaa!
- celeb style icon: defo rachel bilson, blake lively, emma watson, alexa chung, mk+ash, whitney port - LOTS basically!
- colour(s) to wear: black+white! but not together if that makes sense? i'm also getting really into nudes this season, however dodgy that sounds!
- 'trend' right now: those wedge shoes and braided hair
- item of clothing you own: all my snuggly hoodies! and my gorgeous bag which i take everywhere atm
- clothing on the opposite sex: i like the whole 'indie' style in general, and skinny suits+ties = yum
- what would you never be caught dead in: LYCRA.
- how many clothes are in your wardrobe? ohhh god, i am SUCH a hoarder. my wardrobe isnt even in my room anymore because it doesnt all fit!
- what was the last fashion-related item you bought + how much did it cost? i cant even remember! it was probably off ebay, though:p oh wait actually, yesterday i bought some flower clip thingys from H&M for £2, woo exciting!
- if you owned a fashion label, what would it be called? (i went abit crazy on this one - beware.) i like the whole 'one word' names, plus when its in french it just sounds so much more exciting, so i would probs call it 'intrépide' which, (according to google translate) means 'fearless' en francais! i really like it actually, its really fluid and just like, slips off the tongue! (yeah i know, im reallllly cool:P )
- would you say you followed trends? not really! if i like something, i'll buy it, but i don't buy stuff just to get in on the trends. if anything, i like to arrive to places looking a bit more original then everyone else in their leggings and crop tops!


edit: i made this myself but anyone is free to use it:)

Sunday, 4 July 2010

total eclipse of my heart

ok, so i know half of you are probs really un-interested in the whole 'twilight' thing, and i always try and pretend to be all casual and 'ohh yeah twilight, quite a good film,' but secrely, I LOVE IT!
went to one of the previews yesters and eclipse is, hands down, one of the best films this year. eventhough i am definately NOT team bella, and cant handle how annoying the books are, it really doesnt get much better than 2 hours worth of the big-screen beautys: taylor + rpattz, hahaa. and i actually found this film really hilarious, too. usually theyre all depressing and just pissed off 24/7 but this one really made me laugh! also, sorry about the lazy pic to go with this, but ive been kindof ill recently and i also think its really cute:P


Thursday, 1 July 2010