Sunday, 4 July 2010

total eclipse of my heart

ok, so i know half of you are probs really un-interested in the whole 'twilight' thing, and i always try and pretend to be all casual and 'ohh yeah twilight, quite a good film,' but secrely, I LOVE IT!
went to one of the previews yesters and eclipse is, hands down, one of the best films this year. eventhough i am definately NOT team bella, and cant handle how annoying the books are, it really doesnt get much better than 2 hours worth of the big-screen beautys: taylor + rpattz, hahaa. and i actually found this film really hilarious, too. usually theyre all depressing and just pissed off 24/7 but this one really made me laugh! also, sorry about the lazy pic to go with this, but ive been kindof ill recently and i also think its really cute:P



  1. eclipse was BRILLIANT! i loved it, even despite bella's whining and jacob's general douchebag-ness. Jasper was amazing. And the guy who played Riley was a proper babe. Great film!


    me too! I try to play it cool and you know its oook but I HAVE SPENT SO MANY HOURS GOOGLING ROBERT PATTINSON :P
    and the most pathetic thing is that although the movie is totally CRAP (the script is just another soap opera only with vampires and warewolves and the scenery is JUST WOODS plus the music is a bunch of popular songs sang by popular bands), the reason we watch it is because of LAUTNER and PATTINSON :) <3 :P