Friday, 7 November 2014

the best kept secret in london

Now I'm in my twenties I decided that it would be immature and un-ladylike of me to head off to a club dressed as a cat for halloween, so I went out for sophisticated cocktails instead ... is what I should probably be saying. The sad reality is in fact that I am a poor student, and if there's anything that uni teaches you, it's that you should never turn down free alcohol. Never.

My dad, his girlfriend, my two sisters and I went to The Breakfast Club in London and although I am very familiar with their menu (maybe even a bit too familiar), I had somehow never heard about their secret downstairs bar before! After reciting the code word "I want to get lucky tonight" to the lady at the door (thank god it worked), we were led downstairs into a whole new breakfast club experience.

My generous (and quite drunk) dad bought me a Rose Bush cocktail and it tasted like nothing i'd ever drank before. It was a bit like drinking a product from the Body Shop if they were actually edible - scented, sweet but not at all artificial. The kind of thing I'd expect Blair Waldorf to drink before bed.

After a while we went upstairs for burgers and sangria (a very underrated combination imo) and then pub crawled around Shoreditch until we had to put my dad in a taxi home. Oh, Sven.

Fellow Londoners: this is the perfect place to take a date you want to impress or visiting friends that want to see the cool, less-known city hotspots (little do they know we spend most of our time in Wagamama's) or even just a nice place to check out if you're looking for a cocktail slightly more exotic than a sex on the beach. It's not the world's best kept secret, but it's definitely in the running for one of the world's best cocktail experiences.

And, being the true fangirl that I am, I was even back there the next morning to cure my hangover. If you're judging me right now then you definitely haven't experienced the Mekka that is The Breakfast Club yet.
PS - they didn't pay me to write this about them, although they probably should. X