Friday, 31 July 2009

mad about madden

omgggg how nice are these glads? answer: very, very, verrrry nice! looking for a new pair to wear this summer as mine are getting old, and saw these yesterday! they are $49.95 which is what like, £30? £35? bargainnnn. but shipping over here is another $39.95! /sadface. how come shenae grimes gets them and i dontttt?


  1. Yeah you're right, they are beautiful!

    Xx, J

  2. I love steve madden shoes, especially his heels, if you live near London he's just opened his first store there, if not then check out TKMax, they usually have a few pairs in there :)

  3. them gladiators are yummmmy!

  4. @oh corrina
    i cant get onto your blog!
    is the link right or my computer just being annoying?