Tuesday, 28 July 2009


blogger is being retarded so i cant upload photos from yesterdaaay, gah.
and does anyone know if they broadcast 'its on with alexa chung' in england? im totally in love with that show but i feel like some poverty kid without a tv cos i have to watch it all on youtube. which usually means randomers holding their camera up to their tv to film the show. so not exactly the best view of my life.
oooh, and ive got my summer wishlist! actual gimmeeeee

gladiators: £28 miss selfridge, floral sunglasses: £15 topshop, military locket: £9 [SALE!] urban outfitters, floral bag: £25 topshop, sequin zig-zag crop: £13 [SALE!] urban outfitters, totally legit merlin pass: £86, floral playsuit: [TOTALLY SOLD OUTTTT!] ex-dorothy perkinsss booooo!



  1. i quite like the floral bag in this picture molly. i love reading your blog.

  2. love those items
    and I don't get why we can't see our home girl Alexa's show! YouTube is a saviour though :)
    and thanks! The top is really cool, I loveeee it. And actually, I'm anything but rich. Just work a lot :)

  3. alsooo, I'm following parce que j'adore ton blog :D:D

  4. oh those glasses are too cute.