Monday, 13 July 2009

blah de blah

blaaaaaaaaaaaaah de blah
i feel kinda sick and defo ate too much ice cream
this week is a total draaag at school. totally pointless, why are we even there?
summer makes me all tingly i am so fricken excited omg


  1. Ahh what plans do you have for summer molly?
    thank you for commenting on my blog :) To follow I think at the very top of my page it should have a follow link, where it says to next blog etc, if not the easiest way to do it is to copy my url ( then go to your dashboard and right under all the blogs you follow it has a button saying "add" if you click that and paste my url into the box that pops up, you'll soon be getting updates on my posts :) I hope they don't bore you! Have a lovely evening, and it's not long til summer now! :) xx

  2. i love reading your blog too molly. it's all very cool.