Saturday, 7 November 2009

some 'interesting' facts lol

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thankssss to rachimo ( for nominating me! my first award, how exciting!
ermmm, now the hard thing is trying to think of 7 interesting things about to me write lol
#1: i get so competitive, even at stupid things like farmville and ebay:P
#2: whenever im sad i watch this:
#3: i currently have no phone atm:(( usually im like, actual glued to it but i lost it at my friends house a few weeks back, and ive discovered that i can actually live without it:DD savign up for a blackberry curve though ha
#4: saving up takes foreverrrr. i spend money as soon as i get it and i waste it on the biggest amount of shit. today i spent $5 on farmville, and $4.95 on an orabrush. dont judge me theyre cool :P >> (
#5: i really wish i could a) drive, b) play drums/guitar and c) speak french :(( oh and i really want to be good at archery but its such a manny 'sport' and where the hell do you take an archery class ha?
sorry theyre not interesting! my life is pretty bore tbh
and ooh, i need to tag people!
#1 LT? dont know her actual name haha, but anywaysss:))
#2 edwin:))
#3 kate/katie?
#4 rachel,
#5 ali,


  1. aw thankyou so much, i'll put it in my next entry! i want a blackberry curve too but i'm pretty sure by the state of my spending, i'm never gonna get one :( x

  2. Thank you for the award =) I'll post in my next entry too

  3. aww molly you are the best! thank you.