Thursday, 29 April 2010


hi:) kind of sorted on the prom dress front now, horaaaay! and although it hasnt actually arrvied yet, i thought i'd show you anyways cos im just that kind ahah:

okay so its really simple and boring, but totes re-wearable and OTT was never really my style anyways. plus, it was a total steal at just £35! what a barg! feet-wise, im going for these beauties (but in black, ofcourse):

which i am absoloutely in love with and will from now on, be wearing for the rest of my life. if anyone else has posts on their prom, comment with links to your sites guys!

ps - everythings from asos btw


  1. those shoes are beautiful!!!

  2. I'm in love with those shoes, but I think they would look nicer in the cream with the dress! And would compliment your golden hair and fair skin too! Cream! Cream! Cream!