Friday, 7 May 2010

so i came on to blogger today and the first thing i did was check the news feed, like always. scrolling through almost every single post i realised, we're all quite happy to list and lust over all the exciting new dresses and shoes we've found this week, but we never really discuss the most important pieces of clothing we own. instead, they lie (in most cases, atleast) scrunched up along our bedroom floor, or strewn across that chair in the corner. what about those go-to jeans that always make you look a little bit skinnier than you really are, or that expensive leather jacket that has stuck by your side throughout the entire winter, glamming up even the laziest of outfits? for me, it has got to be the jeans.

theyre getting so worn out these days, it scares me to even put them on, as the seams are becoming looser by the day, and im freaked at the idea that i'll jut be walking around town and they'll just rip open. they go with anything, and always ensure compliments. but they were also bought from ebay 3 years ago and so are well and truly, irreplacable.
what about you guys? tell me your neglected clothing bffs!


  1. Saaaame. I have a pair of skinnies from Topshop. Got them in the sale for £15 and I don't know what I'll do when they inevitably fall apart!

  2. i love those jeans! very cool. hope u can still wear them! :)