Monday, 29 December 2008

late-night lovin' [not as exciting as it soundz.]

so it's 1.34am: nothing special, just my average evening. (holidays and weekends only sadlyyy. stupid school.) and i'm sitting here catching up on my virtual life, and basically exploring the world online.

but a few minutes ago, my sister comes in and starts telling me that she's just realised how wierd it is that we do this. stay up till around 4am and then wake up the next day at around 2pm and begin our days. infact, sometimes, i don't even bother doing the whole 'sleeping' thing, and just sit around texting and watching boxsets until it's light enough to be considered normal doing something publicly.
i thought everyone else just went to bed early, but i've finally realised what an addict i am to my computer, and that maybe i should begin a more patterned life instead of just crashing when i want.
- or maybe i should get some new friends that can join me in late-night banter and virtual-awesomeness. :D

jokeen, love you all reallyyy. but adapt to my clocks yo.

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