Thursday, 1 January 2009

ma bois,

is it wierd that i do stuff like this? ^^ infact, that is just my first copy. i have since re-done it on corel to make it look like it's actually me. [if you didn't know, the guy i'm 'with' is tommy bastow - most famous as being dave-the-laugh and fit BT boy.]

in other news, it's that time again. new yearrrrr! i actually feel quite settled into 2009 right now eventhough we're only like 18 hours into it, and 2008 seems like a decade ago. actually a decade ago was 1999, which sounds so old but i can actually mentally remember moments in 1999, which is wierd and makes me feel supernatural which i love.
i don't want to become another fangirl, but seriously, how fit is rob pattinson! saw twilight again yesterday just so i could look at him in cinema size one more time.

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