Sunday, 11 January 2009


everythings been pretty hectic since i last wrote so i'm gonna do a quick recap of the life so far cos tbh, they're everyones faves.

1. on friday, the school boiler broke down which meant that after one hour of watching movies in form we all got to go home and chilll. or in my case hang around other people's houses and chill and then arrive home 2 minutes before i had to go out, still in my uniform and still un-packed.
2. on saturday, it was my dads birthday so we all went up to london and went to the science+history museums which were actually quite good. (about 2 years ago i slept at the science museum and so now i have to re-visit at least once a year and go lie in the exact same place i slept that night. )[/gay.] also, i went to oxford street because it's a total must, and found about 50 hundred different things i want, which i will now forever be saving up for.
3. i actually have to write about all the amazing food i had that day cos it was total best-food-day-ever-award. i had sushi and frapaccinos and loads of mcdonalds nuggets, chips and banana milkshake, creme eggs and whipped cream for breakfast, and stupid amounts of spanish tapas for dinner. finished of with a double chocolate cake and of course cream and strawberries.

today was pretty chilled, i just hung out at my dads in gen and we went for a walk which verged on boring and then played some essential monoply. i won of course. because cheaters always prosper.

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