Tuesday, 20 January 2009

sounds suicidal, but is actually not, i promise.

they're all just being so fucking stupid.
it makes me angry people can be like this.
what else do you want?
i've tried, and you haven't, yet you blame it on me.
i have feelings too.
what if it wasn't always perfect for me.
but i stood you all,
cos that's how friends work.
and now, roles reversed, this is what you do.

just stop it already,
i've had enough.
i have no more answers, and no more time to give.
i don't want to let go,
but it's becoming my only choice.

i'm not happy anymore, because of you.
i sit there and pretend, that i'm not broken in two.
because i don't want to be selfish and take it all away.

but you make me feel stupid, and leave me out.
then wonder why, i'm fed up.

i built this life, i loved so much.
yet now, quite frankly. i've had enough.

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