Saturday, 17 January 2009

ahhh rant moment.

bit of a drasticccccc difference between this blog and the last, but i hope that's because i'm happier so i don't need to write so much emo-poetry.

yesterday, i went into town and then ended up watching bride wars (more about that soooon), and then had to get almost 8 buses home because of some wierd timetable thing. i got stuck in goldsabbey or something at 8pm and had no idea where the fuck i was. phoned my sister and got her to googlemap me a route home, even though i had 18p and so had to cheat my way back using my school bus pass.
finally got home, 6 minutes before i had to go out again, did frantic packing and phoning up friends to ask to borrow several dvd's and chargers, then ate my dinner as we drove to my friends house, hung there for abit, and then went to a different friends house for a sleepover.

overall an eventful day i thinkkkk.
bride wars was pretty average aswell which upset me a little.
i was watching it and thinking that i just never, want to have to deal with that.
marriage just seems so fake and money-wasting.
all it is now, is just an oppotunity to show off how much cash you have, and noone really cares about the love part at all.
they made all the relationships seem stupidly un-matched, and it was obvious the only reason the girls were with the guys, was so that they could get married.

sorry about the annoyingly boring blog, i havent slept properly for so long and i really feel like pancakes so i am gonna go make them!:)

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