Tuesday, 6 January 2009

dedicated to katieee: my only fan

i've realised that every post seems to have increasingly more space between when they were written cos i think i'm gradually losing interest in this project each day.
actually, it might not be my loss of interest, it might jsut be my lack of things to talk about, seeing as yesterday was my first day back to reality, and the first time in like 5 days that i actually had to go out and be be sociable [dudes, how do you spell sociable? socialable?socialble?] and prepareeee.
today, i went back to schoool (EURCK,) and it was just as sickly as i had thought. usually, it's not so bad cos everyone is just chilling and being all fun and yay, bit today was just total no! and by the end of the day i was just so impressed to be home:)

sorry this is stupidly boring, there is actually nothing to write.
good times ahead though hopefully guys. (or guy - hii katie:) )

04/01/2009 16:17:19 -molly: i never learn from my mistakes
04/01/2009 16:17:52 -molly: and i only realised
04/01/2009 16:17:54 -molly: the other day
04/01/2009 16:18:10 -molly: which is upsetting
04/01/2009 16:18:11 -molly: but
04/01/2009 16:18:13 -molly: i love on
04/01/2009 16:18:14 -molly: * live on
04/01/2009 16:18:23 -molly: i still love aswell
04/01/2009 16:18:33 -molly: HHAAH WHAT AM I EVEN SAYING!
04/01/2009 16:18:38 -molly: *brain spazzzzzzz*

aha, it was too good i had to blog and remember forever. eventhough it totally doesn't make sense and it's just total private joke alert.

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