Thursday, 19 February 2009

hello i have a new bag.

i actually love holidays. with intensity. i haven't slept for 56 hours and i dont even care. i'm having so much fun, and i just can't get over it. today i came back from my friend akers house. (we spent the whole time wathcing movies, and reading and talking and it was so lush. i felt kinda like she was my sister cos we just bummed around doing the wierdest things, (not sexually, sorry :P ) and seriously just didnt get out of her bed for like, a day. ( i'm really not doing any justice to the whole this-sounds-like-a-sex-gathering idea) am i?

yesterday we went into town and watched 'hes just not that into you,' which was wierd but goood. i went straight into town that day from ANOTHER sleepover, where i had a few friends over, (one who got insanely drunk and it was so lol,) and that day i had also gone into town aswell. got some lush new purchases. especially THIS:

absoloute yum.

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