Sunday, 1 February 2009


wow i havent written for so long.
i haven't even been doing anythign remotely excting either which is upsetting.
today i woke up at 2pm, had the biggest and nicest breakfast ever and i felt like i was in a hotel, and then. i tidied the house for 5 hours. yes, i'm that sad.
and now, its so clean i dont want to touch anything, but i really, really, really! need to do my art. so bad. infact, i think i will do it after i finish writing this.
i'm in such a mood to just get everything done. :)
theres so much i jsut want to do right now though.
i havent spoken to anyone in person for like 2 days, which makes me feel stupidly alone, and i keep going on websites and favourite-ing all the clothes and amazing stuff i want. plus i want to see SO many movies its insane.
that case of benjamin button one which sounds either love/hate it, confessions of a shopaholic, he's just not that into you, nick and norahs infinate playlist, role models. ahh so much time, money and popcornnnn.

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