Friday, 15 May 2009


everyone else is asleep right now but i am learning to 'go fierce' with my eyesssss on webcam.

today i watched americas next top model, and that program always just gets me obsessed. i actually watched quite alot of teleeee today which is wierd, cos i never watch tv, i just watch almost everything online.

god, today feels so long ago right now. i'm at my dads and i always think of the whole thing as like, 2 seperate lives. theres the one with my mum, and then the other with my dad. i don't think its really that i'm a different person, its just kind of like, the same person, in different situations. almost like, moving to a different country. you'd be the same person, with the same thoughts and same feelings. just be in different situations, and different lifestyles but still with the other life drifting along behind.
but i love it like this just so so so much


  1. those pictures are really pretty
    and I'm the same with ANTM; it's amazing and I live Tyra!
    and wow, your life sounds interesting!

  2. thanks so much for following my blog, and that must have been the sweetest comment I've ever recieved; thanks a lot!


  3. hey girl, how are you? you look beautiful, thanks for the follow!


  4. i love all of these pictures, you are so beautiful!
    im pleased that your alright with everything thats happened with your parents, i do worry about you :)