Tuesday, 12 May 2009

ohh mary-kate

i want it all. those amazing sandals, and the cute dress, and the luscious longsleeved sequin one too! but so does everyone else obviously, as it actually jsut impossible to get hold of. the real things are just insanely priced, and the fakes, (still so amazinggg) are still just stupid.
if you buy me these i will love you forever :) [hint, hint]


  1. if i win the lottery sureee! (:

  2. haiis thanks for subscribing (:

    i love mk too (: who doesnt

    x x x

  3. Hey, thanks for following :) My life's dream is to live in London, wanna trade? :P Your blog is really entertaining, I'll definitely keep reading :)

  4. she could wear a paper bag and still look fantastic!