Saturday, 6 June 2009

hey daisy

today was awesome. earlier i went out for some family dinner which was borderline gay but secretly so much fun.
chillin at home, even though i should be working right now but i want sims 3 so fricking baddd!
my friends mum works at EA so im getting the game for free which is perfect cos i actually have no money, but i have to wait till monday and its jsut killing me a little more inside everytime i think about it.
tomorrow is gonna be insane! town+summertimeball (omgomgomg!) plus endless train journeys which make me feel totally 20-something and rocking. i get back so late and i have school the next day which is kind of a bad idea but at the same time i dont even care because its gonna be the actual best night of my life!


  1. cute writing. Anyway, nice to know that you're crazy about gossip girl and Topshop too. So, i put my name on ur followers list, maybe you could follow mine too. Great to se ya!


  2. man i love the sims
    its my double life