Sunday, 28 June 2009

all the pretty things

luscious moments in these past few daysss. im so up for summer its just insaneee! did some rooftop chilling yesterday. was awesome. i've always wanted a little balcony for my bedroom, and in every single sims house i build i just go crazy adding them, and although we've had this roof area on our actual house for ageeees, its only recently ive discovered its full potential. (sp?)
me and katie brought the donut maker out there yesterday, to chill to the extreme and it was just, epitome of amazing.
today, me and my sister woke up early (:o :o :o) and went strawberry picking down at this totally grandma insania place. we spent £18 on strawberries and rasperries which we cant even eat cos i practically sat in that field until i was sick.
ooh, and oreos are on a deal right now so every single meal is basically oreos and milk: perfect

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