Friday, 4 December 2009


spent the past hour looking through the forever21 website. i actually, want. it. all.
too bad shipping to the UK is $50 :'((
i put a pic above of all the stuff i added to my wishlist haha, and its all pretty basic but then i can dress it up or down and use it alot more than the rest of my clothes:)
it was mufti day today woo! everyone proper dressed down in hoodies and jeans which was a nice change cos usually its all lace and bare legs and just, super non-relaxing:}
UPDATE: got my haircut today too:'((
its all sick and short and i just want to cry plz and eat broccoli for every meal until it grows back proper long againnnn


  1. ahahaha i love the clothesss, went on the site love it mann and shipping ahh bad times! I bet your hair is nicee, upload a pic and send on msn or something :D also i switched accounts so i had to like re-add you lols xx

  2. yes please upload a photo of your new hair. love you molly x