Tuesday, 29 December 2009


wowww, 2 days till 2010 ! this year has been crazy fun, but also, to be honest, pretty predictable. so to set the record straight, im jumping on the bandwagon (haha!) and setting myself some seriously stick-to rules for 2010. cliche? maybe; but theres no harm in trying, right?

#1: get creative and record special moments/thoughts/general life in a scrapbook. i've tried the whole 'diary' thing before and the truth is: i fail. it slowly becomes a chore and i write down stuff not to remember, but to almost 'win.' if that makes sense, which im sure it doesnt, haha.
#2: see my friends more - because this year we'll all split apart, and i really, really dont want to have to let them go.

what are your new years resolutions, guys? Xx

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