Saturday, 25 April 2009

double post, yo.

damn damn damn damn damn
i am the most stupid person in the whole world.
its official
eventhough i have been speaking to them for like, a week now.
infact, i have been speakignt o them for so long, they know more about my current days than my actual friends, and i swear i am losing my knowledge of english literature by the hour.
but anyway, dudeeee.
my spanish students are arriving tomorrow!
and i am not. in one single area. prepared.
i have so much to do.
but i am such a creative mood right now, which i love and i havent had this urge to write, for just. ages. and i want to put it to good use, but i can't because i have 2 fricken spanish people living at my total messed up house tomorrow!
and also kind of woo! this is exciting
and ofcourse, lots of nervous twitching
as always.

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