Thursday, 16 April 2009

i've been down this road before

i always seem to begin these things with 'i havent written in ages.'
its stupid cos its not exactly time consuming and as soon as i open these things anything comes spilling out so its not as if im at a loss of what to talk about.

ive been away for a few days though, so i guess that makes everything okay, right? (it totally does xD)

im listening to a bunch of new songs right now. found a dude called joshua radin and holly conlan and i love them both and i am slowlyyyy buying all their songs and its just, gr8.
i love having new songs taht i can just do stuff to. nothing sexual or whatever that just sounded like. just i know all the words to so many of my songs, and now its jsut getting abit annoying tbh.

no photos today cos its effort and im just really, meh.
my aunty is round and i THINK im supposed to be being social but im selfish and i cant be bothered and thats why you have a big family so you dont have to do anything :D

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  1. thankyou for being a follower on my blog. makes me happy :) x