Sunday, 29 March 2009

hello i'm my dad
i just watched this and now i have an urge to blog. god, there are so many thoughts running through my head right now. this reminds me of like, a good book, or film or program. where you jsut get so into it, and get all philosphical and stuff.
i dont know, i cant really explain it. you either get it, or you dont.
the video just tells you all this stuff, and each fact makes you seriously go :O
some of them are actually just insane. theressss this super computer one. where predictions are that in the year 2049 theres gonna be a computer costing just $1000 that will exceed the computional capabilities of the entire human species. ahaha man i sound liek such a gay but i love this kind of stuff.

on another note, i never did any of that work, and now i have like 4 hours to do it all, and i really just. effort. i had a gr8 night last nightttt and overall, i love right now.

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