Wednesday, 25 March 2009


i feel like a proper little online shopper. i really am the image of the future.
i've spent the hole afternoon infront o this screen (no change there) and i've been shopping like crazy. got so much new stufffff. half of which i will never, ever neeed.but what the hell. live for now and not for laterrrr ayeeee?

ooh yesss. im getting slightly addicted with saying 'aye' after everything. i really should stop cos its really unatractive and makes me sound like a scottish farmer, but i really just can't help myself. if i even say it IRL i might have to go cut myself. (joken, i would never, im just describing the depth of its gaynesss.)

so today was wickeddd. tomozzz i have a crazy bad day, but fri is a goodun and i have plans for after so thattt should keep me going.
i also kep having the urge to say 'a watched pot never boils' to myself as i have noticed i spend half the day @ school staring @ the clokkk.
^ nice spelling of 'clock' there. hey clok.

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