Sunday, 22 March 2009


i wanted this top in the 'Mm' or the 'Kk' or the 'Zz' and i would have even settled on the 'Gg' but stupid American Apparel are out of stock on all of them. the last 'S' size they have left, and 'S' on unisex is already treading on thin ice is the Aa which, i guess i can put up with but its just, well. not what i wanted.
there is actually so much stuff i want right now. i made a lil wishlist but its in a scrapbook, so i'll try get it on here, but you know. no promisessss.
i kinda feel like i deserve something nice tho, as i've spent the whole weekend just cleaning, and injuring myselfff (: i have like, a half-nailed toe, and a small hole where i feel onto a fridge shelf!) im cool.
anywayyyy, i stilll need to do my german+art+go have a shower and get credit and i was gonna tidy my room, but its just really not gonna happen is ittt? no.

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