Friday, 20 March 2009

oasis still and fruity

hiii! so im way more cheered up than i was yesterday. i've just come back from an intense afternoon in town with ma bez and it was all just really luscious, and the way i love things being. i wont ramble cos nothing i say will mean much to you, but i just wanttt to say, that i love being back in this mood again.
but now its heads down for the weekend for hardcore work+sleep so when monday comes, i can continue thisss (wanting to say 'paradise' but its oh so cheesy) forever! XD

effort to load up todays picsss, so instead you can have a golden-oldie. (oh god, you can tell its late. ;D)

wheeey! its the classic cookie photo that got plastered just about everywhereeeee. always a fave tho!

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