Thursday, 19 March 2009


noooo! are you freaking kidding me that yesterdays post didnt upload! gah that just makes me even more angry. it was seriously my cutest post yet, full on love-sesh and dedication to my best friend and the only person taht actualyl reads these blogssss. (letss not name names now ;D )
gutted man.
i am also having just such a bad day.
i feel upset and miserable and annoyed, and i dont even know why. so when people ask me, i jsut have to do that annoying thing where i shrug it off, and everythings really getting to me. i have no credit, all my friends aer off ill, everyones off for the weekend and im stuck doing homework, and im really just. GAHFAJACK at this whole week. i wanna be thankful for everything i've got as i know my life is so good now, but i jsut cant seem to get my head around how lucky i am, and i just sit here all miserable all day.
soz for the rant.
i'll be back to normal soon, i hope.

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