Tuesday, 17 March 2009

whats up with my mind? lets not let this all unwind,

fuckkgfng. i couldnt remember if i wrote here yesterday, cos i had that thing, where you dream something, and then you don't know if its real or not? and yeah, it turns out it was a dream and i didnt write so im gutted.

i felt all wierd today. im not sure why i just really wanted to come home and get away from school. freaked me out, cos right now, i actually LOVE school. however gay it might sound. but today, i just wanted to run home and get away from it all. :/

oh, and i'm seriously on my 4th cup of tea right now. my throat is all hot and i can feel it all running down into my tummy too. but i actually CANT stop myself. i forgot how nice this stuff was.
i also got this actually HUGE parcel in the post today, which i was insane excited about, and then i opened it, and its 3 like, 1x1 metre bags that i bought off ebay like, a month ago that never came ^^
im still buzzingg tho. whether thats excitement or teaaaa, i do not knoww.

you guys are my best friends(: xxx

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