Saturday, 25 April 2009

your memory a carcass, of everything i've ever owned

so i uploaded loads of my camera stuff
some of it is just hilarious and i want to share it all, but at the same time i really dont cos this wont be a blog anymore it will be just, well, another area to paste pictures.
i love re-visiting all those memories though
moments i had totally forgotten about until now:D
i love it

i have so many memories/picture quotes buzzing around in my head right now
i dont even know where half of them are from, they have just appeared
-i hate photos. photos remind you of what used to be. the memories you hid deep inside you, are dug up once more.
- i dont need photos to remember these beautiful times, but they help to remind me that i'm not dreaming anymore.
- photos are for people that only want to boast of their happiness.
- photos capture the moments you never want to forget, and with times like these, i can't stop myself from wanting to savour them forever.

i feel like a need ot be creative today cos i havent done anything apart froms it around and read magazines
nothing productive at all, but thats what i likeeee

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